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The tender scam problem you think you know but am sure you don’t know about this

 There are a lot of Tender Scam but this one is the master of all read carefully to understand the tricks the scammers use in this game

Inform your family friends and relatives and don’t forget to share this information

It all starts with an email. you receive an email from one of the busy and big companies that are well-known and have a lot of location

The scammers use fake emails that look like they come from a real company that they want to use to make you think it’s a real company that sent you the email.

Second, they create another website for supply depending on the type of product they want you to supply in the tender.

How do they get money from you they send you a fake tender email which can be a supply to supply them a product that you will need to look for online yet they ready uploaded that product on another website which they will be waiting for you to order it online from there that’s how they get the money from you.

Now am going to explain this in a way it happened to me please read and take your time to understand this.

One morning I received an email from a well-known company which was Continue reading...

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